From Sunday October 22nd

(correct as of 16/10/2017 22:00 but subject to further change and confirmation).

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Girls Small Sided Game Fixtures

(Note: Please ensure you cross reference with Monday’s Herald to allow for errors)

DateTeam / DivCompHome AwayPitchTimeRefereeStatus
Sun 22/10U10 RubyMGL LeagueDalkey UnitedvLakelands U10 Ruby/YellowHudson Road12:30
Sun 22/10U11A SouthMGL LeagueEsker CelticvLakelands U11A SouthHermitage Park10:00Dave Kelly
Sun 22/10U12 Premier SouthMGL CupDalkey UnitedvLakelands U12 Premier SouthHudson Road10:00D Quinn
Sun 22/10U12 EastMGL LeagueDundrumvLakelands U12A SouthMeadowbrook2:00T Nolan
Sun 22/10U13A SouthMGL LeagueLakelands U13A SouthvLucanSt Tiernan's10:00J McHale
Sun 22/10U14AMGL LeagueMaynoothvLakelands U14 South EastRathcoffey Road10:00C Lawrence

Small Sided Game Fixtures

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DateTeam / DivCompHome AwayPitchTimeRefereeStatus
Sun 22/10AcademyDDSL AcademyMount MerrionvLakelands Academy EmeraldDeer Park10:30
Sun 22/10U8 BlueDDSL LeagueLakelands U8 BluevMount MerrionSt Tiernan's10:30
Sun 22/10U8 OrangeDDSL LeagueLakelands U8 OrangevKnockmittenSt Tiernan's11:30
Sun 22/10U8 GreyDDSL LeagueBallybrackvLakelands U8 GreyCoolevin10:30
Sun 22/10U8 SilverDDSL LeagueLucan UnitedvLakelands U8 SilverAirlie Heights10:30
Sun 22/10U9 GreyDDSL LeagueLakelands U9 GreyvFirhouse CarmelSt Tiernan's12:30
Sun 22/10U9 EmeraldDDSL LeagueLucan UnitedvLakelands U9 EmeraldAirlie Heights11:30
Sun 22/10U9 NavyDDSL LeagueLakelands U9 NavyvKnockmittenSt Tiernan's1:30
Sun 22/10U9 PurpleDDSL LeagueLeicester CelticvLakelands U9 PurpleLoreto Park10:30
Sun 22/10U10 BDDSL LeagueShelbourne AcademyvLakelands U10 BAUL Complex10:30
Sun 22/10U10 B1DDSL LeagueLakelands U10 B1vKnocklyon UtdBalally Hill10:30
Sun 22/10U10 CDDSL LeagueLakelands U10 CvArdmore RoversBalally Hill11:30
Sun 22/10U10 D1DDSL LeagueLeicester CelticvLakelands U10 D1Loreto Park11:30
Sun 22/10U10 FDDSL LeaguePark CelticvLakelands U10 FCabinteely Park11:30
Sun 22/10U10 F1DDSL LeagueLakelands U10 F1vKinsealy UnitedBalally Hill12:30
Sun 22/10U11 BDDSL LeagueLakelands U11 BvGreystones UnitedBalally Hill11:30
Sun 22/10U11 C1DDSL LeaguePortmarnock AFCvLakelands U11 C1Paddy's Hill12:30
Sun 22/10U11 DDDSL LeagueLakelands U11 DvCabinteely FcBalally Hill12:30
Sun 22/10U11 D1DDSL LeagueLakelands U11 D1vRahenyBalally Hill1:30
Sun 22/10U11 EDDSL LeagueLakelands U11 EvArdmore RoversBalally Hill10:30
Sun 22/10U12 Division 1DDSL LeagueLakelands U12 Division 1vTallaght TownSt John of Gods11:30M Delaney
Sun 22/10U12 Division 4DDSL LeagueLakelands U12 Division 4vKnocklyon UtdSt John of Gods10:30M Delaney
Sun 22/10U12 Division 5DDSL LeagueLakelands U12 Division 5vIDLESt John of GodsIDLE
Sun 22/10U12 Division 6DDSL LeagueLakelands U12 Division 6vDundrumSt John of Gods12:30M Delaney

11-a-side Fixtures

DateLeague DivisionTeamCompHome AwayPitchTimeRefereeStatus
Sun 22/10SDFL U13 Div 1U13ALeague (F)Granada GreenvLakelands AMeadowvale10:15John Molloy
Sun 22/10DDSL U13 Div 4U13BLeagueLucan UnitedvLakelands BDoddsboro12:30M Browne
Sun 22/10SDFL U14 Div 1U14ALeagueLakelands AvCabinteelyBearna Park10:15Khalid MoustafaChange of pitch
Sun 22/10SDFL U14 Div 2U14BLeagueLakelands BLeague Finished
Sun 22/10SDFL U14 Div 2U14CLeagueHarolds Cross vLakelands CRosary Park10:15Jason Kelly
Sun 22/10SDFL U15 Div 2U15LeagueLakelandsvTerenure BLeopardstown Park10:15Tommy McGuinness
Sun 22/10SDFL U16 PremierU16ALeagueBlessingtonvLakelands ACrosschapel11:30Kurt Kelly
Sun 22/10SDFL U16 Div 1U16BLeagueKnocklyon UnitedvLakelands BKennedy's Field12:45Denis Hawkins
Sun 22/10SDFL U18 Lg Cup Gr 4U18League CupDalkey UnitedvLakelandsShanganagh Cliffs11:45Ian Morgan

Balally Pitch Assignment